"Unfinished Holidays", 2014 Photo Credit: Zeynep Beler/Courtesy of Bahar Oganer

Tobias Rehberger

Minor problems in a major city

AKBANK Sanat in Istanbul, 26 November – 8 January 2011

The wide-ranging work of Frankfurt artist Tobias Rehberger (born 1966) moves between the opposite poles of art and everyday culture. His installations, sculptures and objects focus on the interactive moment of art, life and design in both a con- temporary and sensual way. Since 1997, he has also taken over public spaces. In 40 projects in the last twelve years, he recalls history and stories, makes unused places visible again in their forgotten beauty, disrupts familiar perspectives, directs our attention to the transitory. In 2009, Tobias Rehberger was commissioned to design the cafeteria for the 53rd Venice Biennial. For his project “Was du liebst, bringt dich auch zum Weinen” he won the Golden Lion for Best Artist.

Organised by Edition artCo
Curated by Dr. Gisela Winkelhofer



The Rhythm of Istanbul

Group exhibition at AKBANK Sanat in Istanbul, 18 September – 30 October 2010

Angela Bulloch (CA), Peter Kogler (AT), Julian Opie (GB), Tony Oursler (US), Stephan Reusse (DE) and Elisabeth Wallner (AT) are presenting their statements related to the City of Istanbul, the biggest and most dynamic metropolis in Europe!

Organised by Edition artCo
Curated by Dr. Gisela Winkelhofer

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Erwin Wurm

at Akbank Sanat:
23 NOVEMBER 2009 - 2 JANUARY 2010

2 - 6 DECEMBER 2009

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Sculpture Grande Prague 07

International open air Sculptures´ Festival
in the Centre of Prague (Czech Republic)l
20.Juni - 30. September 2007

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